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Cavan Observer May 30, 1863


The case of Thomas BENSON v. Michael M’KEON which was adjourned from lst Court day, to enable M’Keon to produce witnesses, was next heard.

Benson swore positively that it was M’Keon who hit him on the head with a loaded “butt” on the evening of the 14th inst. in Church lane….Three witnesses were produced for the defence who deposed that M’Keon did not strike Benson, but whilst both of them had a hold of the “butt” some person in the crowd; whom they did not know, struck Benson a blow on the head…The witnesses differed in their description of the manner M’Keon held the “butt” in his hand at the time…..The Court directed the “butt” to be produced. It is a short stick, loaded with lead at the end, and covered over with leather. It is certainly a desperate weapon, and a blow from it would knock down a bull…..

Mr. GALLOGLY proved that he was passing through Church-lane on the evening in question, when he observed a row going on; saw Benson M’Keon, and COURTNEY standing close by quietly looking on; witness went to take a stone from a boy who was about to fling it, and when he turned round saw Benson bleeding, and having a hold of the “butt” in M’Keon’s hand…..

Constable M’CARTHY proved that he knew M’Keon for five years, and never heard of any charge against him. He considered him a man of good character…

M’Keon was fined 1l. and 1l. costs or one month’s imprisonment–the costs and one third of the fine to go to Benson.

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