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Burlington Weekly Hawkeye April 4, 1863

Burlington Weekly Hawkeye
Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa
April 4, 1863

London Correspondence of the N.Y. Tribune.]

     From Cork and Dublin, too, we get news of actual riots attendant upon the wedding festivities [of Prince of Wales]. The following is an authentic narrative of the scenes which occurred in Cork on Tuesday: About 10 o’clock in the evening a stone was hurled at the windows of a chemist in Winthrop street, which was immediately followed by several others, breaking a quantity of glass. When the crash of the windows was heard, the crowd set up a cheer, which drew the constabulary towards them. At their approach they were assailed with stones and sticks and groans given for them. Stone throwing continuing the police charged and cleared the street at the point of the bayonet, in doing which several persons were knocked down in the rush and injured.
     When driven out of Winthrop the mob ran on to Pembroke street, where they took up a position opposite the Commercial Hotel, and stretched from the Hibernian on one hand to the Post office on the other. Here stone throwing again commenced and the place had to be cleared by the mounted constabulary.- After they had passed on, however, the mob again returned and battered in the window of the Hibernian Hotel, and the illuminated devices outside the house.
     The Commercial Hotel was next turned on, and in less than ten minutes almost every pane of glass in the front, facing Pembroke street was broken. At times the showers of stones thrown from hundreds of hands were really terrifying, breaking in as they frequently did at one volley, the entire sashes of the window, while others of the stones rebounded off the walls of the house, fell among the people, inflicting in many instances severe cuts and bruises.
     A scene of utmost disorder here prevailed. Numbers of people fled terror stricken, while the ruffians who remained only redoubled their efforts on beholding the consternation and destruction they were causing. Such was the determination of the mob that scarcely any force could quell them. Although they ran at the charges of the constabulary, they returned and did not stop until they had made almost a complete wreck of the windows of those who illuminated.
     The organization of the rioters seemed complete. In one of the rows the Mayor received some rough usage. At midnight the military was sent for and one company soon arrived, but their services were not required. After they had retired, however, a set of ruffians broke in the windows of the Crown-Solicitor.- Two arrests have been made. The city is now tranquil.

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