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Published in Cavan, county Cavan

July 9, 1847


Owen COYLE, aged 52, was then indicted for “causing the death of Patrick DONNELLAN, on the night of the 7th of May at Blackhills, by a wound inflicted by the blow of a stick on the back of his head, of which he instantly died.”

Michael CLARKE was called for the defence–He said the prisoner at the bar went to him to the public works on the morning of the 8th of May, and told him that he caught a man from his place, naming deceased stealing his plants the night before; that he gave him a sore blow of a stick on the back of his head, and when he saw what he had done, he lifted him up and placed him sitting on the side of a potato ridge; he then went into the house for something, but on his return, deceased was gone.

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