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Political Cartoon Faction Fight 1846

Found by Maxime Chouinard

John Doyle 1846
Listed Personalities (left to right)
Herbert of Lea, Sidney Herbert, Baron, 1810-1861 #5914
Graham, James, Sir 1792-1861 #5740
Aberdeen, George Hamilton Gordon Earl of 1784-1860 #4221
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley Duke of 1769-1852 #696
Peel, Robert Sir 1788-1850 #589
Sheil, Richard Lalor 1791-1851 #5823
O’Connell, Daniel 1775-1847 #574
Russell, John Russell, Earl, 1792-1878 #5597
Palmerston, Henry John Temple 3rd Viscount 1784-1865 #5598
Grey, Charles Grey, Earl, 1764-1845 #5606
Bentinck, George, Lord 1802-1848 #5732
Disraeli, Benjamin Earl of Beaconsfield 1804-1881 #204
Embedded text
I’m for the fellow with the whiskers. – I’ll break a head or two before it’s all over. – Die game, Bob. – We must give in. There’s no standing against such odds


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Scenes in Austria


Scenes in Austria


In that same June 1860 Archbishop Cullen was “pessimistic”, sure that a shameful debacle was now inevitable.  A preliminary report from Rome read, “We must only hope that the Irish who come here will not bring down any disgrace on our country … there are some shocking fellows amongst the soldiers … They get drunk and beat one another and some of the Italians into the bargain”.  But at least these men had reached Italy.  Austro‑Irish Count Charles McDonnell, who had illegally recruited many Irishmen, marched them to Vienna to become good Catholic Hapsburgs!  A spy deepened Cullen’s gloom.  “McDonnell … has kept all our young men capable of being any use, acting in Vienna and elsewhere as clerks ‑ writing orders, telegraphic despatches etc.”  Rome confirmed that, “There was quite a scene in Vienna when one of the batches was passing through. An Irishman got drunk, the Austrian police, seven in number went to arrest him, he made opposition, they drew their swords but with the shillelah (cudgel) that never missed fire he knocked down three of them and the others ran for their lives”.

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