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The Cork Examiner, 7 June 1861

KILLARNEY, THURSDAY.—The parties engaged at faction fighting at the above fair, were yesterday brought before the following magistrates at petty sessions :—Messrs. Thomas Gallwey (chairman) ; D. J. Cruise, R.M. ; Daniel C. Coltsman, and Richard Murphy. Owing to the excitement which the friends of the delinquents seemed to manifest, and the interest attached to the hearing of the cases, the courthouse was densely thronged. The names of the parties are Jeremiah Leary, Killarney ; Cornelius Crowley, do. ; Denis Desmond, do. ; Jeremiah Riordan, Darby Gueran, Thomas Russell, Pat Riordan, Daniel Callaghan, Jeremiah Rourke, John Ahern, John Quinlan, and Pat Callaghan. There were several others called, but did not appear. 
   The Sub-Inspector of the Castleisland station occupied a seat on the bench during the day. From his evidence it seems that, late in the evening, several parties struck with sticks, but he did not attempt to make any arrests ; to do so would be very imprudent, as the parties engaged in the fight were much stronger than the police. Crowley, it was stated, seized the sub-inspector’s horse, and threatened to strike the sub-inspector with a stick. It also appeared that the immemorial usage at faction fights was not forgotten—of calling out £5 for the head of any of the opposite party. This was called out by the Callaghans, who immediately attacked an unoffending man named Quinlan, who admitted that that was his name. The parties, whose names I give below, were sent for trial before the chairman of the county, Mr. Coppinger, at the ensuing quarter sessions :—Cornelius Crowley, Jeremiah Leary, Denis Desmond, John [sic] Riordan, Darby Gueran (not amenable), Thomas Russell, Daniel Callaghan, Pat Quinlan [sic], John Ahern, Jeremiah Rourke, John Quinlan, James [sic] Callaghan, and Jeremiah O’Sullivan [sic]. 
   The magistrates admitted the prisoners to bail —themselves in £40, and two sureties in £20 each. 
   Michael Nagle, Eugene Barton, Michael Hogan, Timothy Collins, Jeremiah Kelleher, Robert Giles alias Dunleary, Edward Spring, Pat. Moriarty, Margaret Leary and William (alias Doctor) Hayes, were fined each £2 and costs, at the suit of Constable Couming, for having sold spirits, &c., after legal hours, at the fair of Molahiffe. John Breen, of Killarney, was also summoned for the same offence, but it having been proved that he left the fair at six o’clock in the evening, it was dismissed. In this case it was admitted by Breen, that he sold a barrel of porter to another publican (the only quantity of drink he had unsold at the fair) before he left. For doing so, his case is to be reported to the Excise by Head-Constable Burchell of this town, as the porter was sold wholesale by a dealer.

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