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Cavan Observer. Cavan County, Ireland 1863

James TIERNEY sworn–I was at the fair of Arvagh on
the 18th of November; I was in a
public-house kept by Mr. COSTELLO; I went into the
house with a woman who was looking for her husband; we
went up stairs and sat down to drink a naggin of
punch; I was standing up against a settle-bed when the
prisoner came in, shouted for a Tierney, struck me
with a blackthorn stick, and knocked
the eye out of me; I never had any quarrel with him.

Doctor Jacob SPROULE deposed that he was called in to
see the prosecutor, found him in bed
in a state of stupefaction, and having the appearance
of concussion of the brain, and his eye had the
appearance of a ball of blood; the wound was caused by
some blunt instrument, and was dangerous; the
prosecutor had permanently lost the sight of
his eye.

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