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The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Saturday 7 November 1835

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser Saturday 7 November 1835
…..At this
juncture, Mr. Constable Moore, who described himself as standing just opposite
Mr. Bruce’s door, came up and interfered in behalf of the latter; and after
an exchange of high words between the
parties, Moore collared Whelan with a
view of taking him to the watch-house
for having pushed Bruce, who refused to
go until he had delivered something he
had with him, at his master’s house.
Upon this, Moore, who was divested of
his jacket or baton of office, struck the
defendant a violent blow over the head
with his shillelagh, which the other resented by an immediate application to
fisticuffs. Moore being disarmed of his
shillelagh by some of the by-standers, in
order to render the encounter on a more
equal footing, he got considerably the
worst of the pugilistic scuffle that ensued
as a charming pair of black eye», with
beautifully cut nose and face could fully
testify; upon which be prudently withdrew to the adjoining watch house, where
having procured a reinforcement of authority, be returned to the scene of tumult,
and triumphantly bore off his antagonist
into custody.


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