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Shillelagh vs pistols 1837

The Cornwall Chronicle Saturday 23 December 1837
The Whiteboy – A Tale Of Truth
…”As I approached
the cries rose faint and short, and I soon discovered a female struggling violently with a well -dressed ruffian. I rushed to the spot, and wielding a knotty .blackthorn, bid the ruffian turn and defend himself. Great was my astonishment to discover Squire Craven, my father’s landlord, in the person before me. He turned with the rage of a tiger, and snatching a pistol from his bosom discharged it at me. Fortunately the ball only grazed my temple, and before he could present the second  pistol, I rushed upon him and leveled him to the earth. I beat him severely, and leaving him nearly motionless, I assisted the fainting object of his violence.


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