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Faction Fighting Documentary

Here are links to a three part Irish Language documentary on Faction Fighting. I had my doubts at first but was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommended.

Na Chéad Fight Clubs (P1)

Na Chéad Fight Clubs (P2)

Na Chéad Fight Clubs (P3)


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  1. Unfortunately a programme which fell well short of what I was expecting with the exception of the visual re-enactments (though parts of it were silly…reminding me of Gangs of New York). The absence of James S Donnelly the foremost authority on the subject, to be replaced by a group of people who though well intentioned were none the less poorly informed, set the tone of this programme. The content was at times factually inaccurate, generalised, out of context and theoretically convoluted. Much of the convolution in this programme would have been delineated by the presence of (if not Donnelly) such persons as Dr. Jennifer Kelly (NUIM) or a Gerard Murphy formerly of NUI to mention two. Both have written on the subject in the Leitrim / Sligo & Offaly / Laois / Galway region. Overall a missed opportunity to bring a well known topic in historical circles to a wider audience.

    Comment by Terry Bowden | December 29, 2010 | Reply

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