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Political Cartoon Faction Fight 1846

Found by Maxime Chouinard

John Doyle 1846
Listed Personalities (left to right)
Herbert of Lea, Sidney Herbert, Baron, 1810-1861 #5914
Graham, James, Sir 1792-1861 #5740
Aberdeen, George Hamilton Gordon Earl of 1784-1860 #4221
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley Duke of 1769-1852 #696
Peel, Robert Sir 1788-1850 #589
Sheil, Richard Lalor 1791-1851 #5823
O’Connell, Daniel 1775-1847 #574
Russell, John Russell, Earl, 1792-1878 #5597
Palmerston, Henry John Temple 3rd Viscount 1784-1865 #5598
Grey, Charles Grey, Earl, 1764-1845 #5606
Bentinck, George, Lord 1802-1848 #5732
Disraeli, Benjamin Earl of Beaconsfield 1804-1881 #204
Embedded text
I’m for the fellow with the whiskers. – I’ll break a head or two before it’s all over. – Die game, Bob. – We must give in. There’s no standing against such odds


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  1. the centaur class on the rampage against the duke of wellington the finest bull warrior the land of erin reared tis no wonder he will unleash his furies onto them that stand in his way
    sure thats what we gaels always do

    Comment by liam hua duinn | November 26, 2014 | Reply

  2. to the school of the duke of wellington
    the 1669 floreat academy served you well
    you served there halls in west street drogheda green gardens lawns with swimming pools
    where my dycher ancestor travelled with you to portugual fields to hold erin free in the campaign of 1805
    before we moved to the expansive glens and fields of mornington beside the river boyne an boann
    i salute you along with the class of 1979 for the journey we travelled
    and for my grammar school training seated beside the moon and the hill
    with the two bull mccabes of gaelic bardic stock of stoney grey soil of monaghan and shillelagh wicklow fame
    and the potters son who pray did fortell me in a forest glade our destiny i thee salute
    to the head boy prefect and the maple leaf shaw
    and the tongue of the sharpe one a lesson in life well learnt under our hazel tutor who wrought our craft
    to you all thankyou on this day
    to van vliet and triad three one head girl and jeffer and norse and the two shearer and kirkpatrick and the northern one curry
    the mysteries await there calling and if you are on the path join the band to the promised land
    the floreat unfolds its leaves in unfolding triple glory to infinity
    to you one and all i thee salute as the journey begins
    the most important step is the first
    take it and proceed with caution
    go raibh maith agat go leir

    Comment by liam hua duinn | November 27, 2014 | Reply

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