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A View of the State of Ireland as it was in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth: By Edmund Spenser

More from Louie:

“Also their short Bows, and little Quivers, with short bearded Arrows, 
are very Scythian, as you may read in the same Olaus. And the same 
sort both of Bows, Quivers, and Arrows, are at this day to be seen 
commonly amongst the Northern Irish-Scots, whose Scottish Bows are ‘
not past three quarters of a Yard long, with a String of wreathed Hemp 
slackly bent, and whose Arrows are not much above half an Ell long, 
tipped with steel Heads, made like common broad Arrow Heads, but much 
more sharp and slender ; that they enter into a Man or Horse most 
cruelly notwithstanding that they are shot forth weakly”. 

A View of the State of Ireland as it was in the Reign of Queen 
Elizabeth: By Edmund Spenser



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  1. take me to scythia and the valley of seenar where aeothona resides

    Comment by liam hua duinn | November 26, 2014 | Reply

  2. o brave men of the gael tradition does tell
    from scythia your ancestors did sail across the true blue sea
    from the valley of sennar in deepest scythia
    where nuil and his father had a kingdom which was left to his eldest son
    to the younger he left the legacy of his school
    where all tongues were known
    this was the legacy left to you if you so choose
    o men of rossa failghe lead me on to scythia to the valley of sennar and the school of aethona where she rests and awaits those who fear her not

    Comment by liam hua duinn | November 27, 2014 | Reply

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