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The Irish News 7 August 1935

Wild Scene at Donegal Auction

Several people, including an auctioneer, Mr Basil McCrea, were
severely injured in a desperate fracas which followed reference to
Free Masonry and the Belfast troubles at the sale of property at
Raphoe yesterday. The property was brought up for auction in a
mortgage suit brought by Mr William Speer, auctioneer, against
Michael Bonar, Drumkeen, in the town yesterday.
After two bids were made for the farm, someone made reference to
Free Masonry in the Belfast riots and immediately there was a rush
towards the auctioneer, Mr McCrea.
Ashplants and fists were freely used. Mr McCrea received facial and
head injuries, as did also Mr James Speer, The son of the plaintiff
in the mortgage suit. The situation became so menacing that local
gardai sought reinforcements from Letterkenny and a large force of
gardai were rushed to the scene. However, by the time they arrived,
quiet had been restored.
The sale had to be abandoned.


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